HeartChild® was originally created in 1997 with the intention of easing the hearts of adopted children through inspiring stories written to bring them comfort whenever they touched into the feeling of being “abandoned” or “given away”.

Over the years, and because of personal experiences, the ideals and vision behind HeartChild® changed, and in 2015 the focus became one of educating others not only about the needs of adopted children, but those of another group of children also living under the heaviness of being “different” – those with special needs.

Hoping to increase awareness and understanding within the general public about the diverse and gifted population of the special needs child, HeartChild® expanded its platform to support these sensitive hearts who are frequently misunderstood, and often separated from the mainstream populous.”

As the family behind the HeartChild® name continually explores new ways of living in the mainstream, and the special needs communities, the message becomes strong and clear – every child matters!  No matter the differences, no matter the cultures, no matter the age, we are all children of the heart.

Most people have forgotten this, but the spirit knows – the heart remembers.

By spreading the vibrant energy, beauty, and simplicity of hearts and the HeartChild® logo to people of all ages and all communities, HeartChild’s goal is to shift old belief systems away from separateness, and shine the light on the gifts of uniqueness, individuality, and diversity while bringing forth a greater understanding of Oneness.

Every child is perfect, every person a HeartChild®